high altitude drive + trek

Himalayan Geological Trails

High up in the Himalayas, the story of their creation can literally be seen! Turn your week-long trek into a fascinating voyage of discovery. Hear from our Geologist how the Himalayas formed, collect rock samples or simply stare in awe at what Nature wrought!

The Himalayan Geo Trail is an experience designed to enable a layperson, to explore the picturesque Greater Himalayas from an earth scientific perspective. We explore an easily accessible geological hotspot for observing diverse geological phenomenon (specially related to the origin of the Himalayas) with an expert Geologist to lead the way, answer questions and helps us understand the secrets of the Earth’s crust.

We will be under the gentle care of a tribe of experienced and trained mountaineers, who belong to region and help in facilitating close interactions with the local inhabitants.


Is this for you??

If you have an interest in Geology (or if you found school geography interesting) and want to know more about the Earth’s crust or if you’re just plain curious and like the notion of hiking in pristine Himalayas with an expert to answer your questions, then you will find this immersive experience fascinating.

Educators and students may gain by a visit to a geological region where geological processes are visible and tangible and where they can experience and understand new developments in Earth science.

Families who travel to bond, experience and learn together, and are open to some adventure.


Best Season: May to November. Bespoke programs for groups of 6 or more can be arranged.

Who can join: Adults of all ages (including senior citizens with average fitness). Students over age 12 are welcome.

Duration: Typically, 1 week.


The Upper Crust: Darma Valley

“We will walk across the high grade metamorphic rocks of the Greater Himalaya Sequence. There will be thrust faults, folded rock strata, granitic intrusions and migmatites (partially melted rocks) to wonder at. And at the end will be the majestic glacier, an awe inspiring eerie place, source of the river Dhauliganga”.

Suvrat Kher (Sedimentary Geologist and our expert on this Deep Dive)


Our last Himalayan Deep Dive to the stunningly beautiful Darma valley, which is in the trans-Himalayan region behind the Panchachuli range on the eastern border of Kumaon, Uttarakhand with Nepal and Tibet.

Geologically speaking, this is the Trans Himalayan section of the Greater Himalayan Sequence (GHS) close to the South Tibetian Detachment Sequence (STDS). It’s where the Indian Continental Plate collided with and Subducted (slid under) the Asian plate to give rise to the Himalayas.

A new road now connects the villages along the valley. Scattered above the villages are meadows and smaller glaciers (like Naagling and Baling) which feed the main river originating at the Panchachuli glacier. During the program, we take short jeep rides (1 hour) between villages and trek (2-3 hours) to explore these glaciers, moraines and waterways to understand more about the Geology of the region. We camp out in the meadows and at times stay in stone houses in the village.