Light, Learning, Liberation


The Experience

On this free flowing deep dive, we try to explore the many layers of the Varanasi’s identity through multiple immersive themes. We peep into its past through History and Archaeology based excursions and savour many of its present delights through direct experiences; Ghats, Galli, Food, Music, River, Architecture, Peoples, Culture, Toys, Textiles.

The experience includes informal interactions with artisans, city experts and knowledgeable locals who share their deep insights into the Kashi’s folklores, age old practices and try to demystify its many facets. We also aim for the traveller to immerse himself/ herself into the Banarasi way of life and hopefully come out with valuable insight(s) into its continued relevance.

An extended trip may include a  visit to the historical Chunar Fort on the Ganges: Here we study the Geology of the region in context of the boundary between the Vindhya mountain range and Gangetic plains.

Since a few days are not nearly enough to explore the many layers of Benares. We would be using Audio Visual material to supplement the above experiential modules.


Best time to visit: October to March

Duration: 2 to 3 days (Shorter, day-long walking tours may be arranged for individuals on request)


More details

Varanasi on foot: The city bounded by the rivers ‘Varuna’ and ‘Asi’.

From ‘Adi’ to ‘Assi’: A two hour walk from The first to the last ghat at dawn. How Did the riverfront Develop? Historical evolution and Design. Sharing Folklore and anecdotes on important structures.

‘Kashi Ki Galiyan’: Explore the city’s depths to interpret its urban anatomy. Private tours of old houses. Curated walking trails with the city’s Heritage Experts. Insights to help connect with the city and its unique culture.

History, Archaeology and Architecture

“Dhamma Chakkra Pravartana”: Field Visit to the Sarnath Archaeological site. Exploring the Stupas and the Sarnath Excavated site with a historical narrator.

History and pre-History: Explore the pre-historic Archaeological dig site at Rajghat from the 1st Millennium BCE. A visit to the Bharat Kala Bhawan (BHU Museum). A talk on James Princeps’ Benares.

People and Lifestyle of Kashi:

Drifting along the Ganges: Floating on boats in the evening to view the city from a distance.

Hindustani Classical Music appreciation: Informal live sessions with master artists.

Weaving & Embroidery, Wooden Toys and Crafts: (Interactive Sessions and visits).

Culinary art in a Benarasi Home & Street Food trails.