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Awadh Heritage

Culture, Food, History


Chitrakoot & Banda


Light, Learning, Liberation


Igniting & Nurturing Curiosity

Rocks & Forts

Deccan history + pre-history (Volcanic Geology)

Himalayan Geological Trails

high altitude drive + trek

VIrtual tours

Explore destinations from the safety of your home

Typically 1 hour sessions

Super engaging (Pics, Videos and Live Narration)

Informal Q&A with subject-matter experts

Register for open sessions

Or, Gift a private session to your family or friends.


Physical tours

Go beyond the typical tourist circuit

Half-day to Multi-day excursions

Private audience with local craftsmen, musicians and performing artists

Curated food tours

An expert in local history & architecture will accompany you

What Clients Say

"Its been a great experience collaborating with Deep Dive India for the Lucknow chapter of Roobaroo Walks. We were looking for an organisation with whom we can work as a team (rather than a 'third party' service provider), and that's what we found with these folks! Their thoughtfulness while curating experiences, attention to detail, and in-depth local knowledge is commendable. They've been super responsive in building on our ideas too.
Aayush Rathi
Co-Founder, Roobaroo Walks
What made our Lucknow experience enriching was the city walk we did with Samir. With him, Awadh slowly unfolded before us in all its richness: its strengths and failings, culture and cuisine, adab and tehzeeb. The events that led to the siege of the British Residency was so beautifully brought alive... it was like time travel!
a Deep Diver
I ventured into the Himalayas after nearly two decades, to figure out if I really liked the mountains. Deep Dive India has me hooked! The treks were stunningly beautiful, the team was amazing- so flexible and so responsive. The learning (geology, origin of the planet, and genetics) was engaging and such an added bonus. Thank you for the wonderful experience
Asha Kini
Chartered Accountant & Deep-Diver

To imbibe the history of a place, I hear its tales and walk its ruins, with the passion of an 8 year old!



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